• Simon Higgins
  • Childrens Original
  • 6/8/1999
  • ISBN: 9780091839536

RRP: $42.90 (Inc. GST)


In the Coral Sea near Australia, Kira Beaumont witnessed a crime of piracy that changed her life forever. The eighteen-year-old heir to a giant shipping empire, she now has a dangerous obsession. As newspapers speculate about her disappearance, and magazines invent gossip about future TV weddings, Captain Kira Beaumont fights a secret crusade that no one else can, one thousand feet under the Pacific. Goal: to save refugees attacked on the high seas. Enemy: modern pirates, murderous and well-armed. Secret weapon: a re-born combat submarine, bristling with twenty-first century technology to fight an ancient evil. Thunderfish: some legends were meant to come true.

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