The Kaboom Kid: 8 – Captains’ Knock

  • David Warner
  • Simon and Schuster
  • 1/10/2016
  • ISBN: 9781925368208

RRP: $14.99 (Inc. GST)


Davey and his friends are off to Gold’s Camp Cricket to help them get an upper hand on the summer of cricket ahead. Sunil and Davey have their eyes on the prize – Sunil as captain, and Davey as vice. But at camp they run into a new nemesis, Kaine – the opposition’s captain and Class A dictator. Between paintball, pranks and poltergeists Sunil and Davey have their work cut out for them. And what – or who – is appearing in Davey’s dreams to give him advice? Can Sunil and Davey prove they are worthy of the leadership of their team? And who has Davey got lined up to help them win?

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