Ten Little Figs

  • Rhian Williams
  • Walker Books
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9781921977312

RRP: $24.99 (Inc. GST)


A child counts down the figs on the backyard fig tree, as each one is snatched away by a different Australian animal, in this ode to Australia’s natural landscape.

Ten little figs are on my tree. I love figs and they’re all for me. Ten Little Figs is a joyful rhyming picture book about a child keeping careful watch of the figs on the fig tree in his backyard. With his dog by his side, he counts down the number of figs as they are taken by various hungry Australian animals (flying fox, finches, green ants and others) until only one fig is left. Who will get that very last fig? Luckily Dad comes to the rescue and surprises his little one with the very last fig.

  • A concept book that incorporates counting and Australian animal identification, in the context of a rhyming read-aloud.
  • Nathaniel Eckstrom’s engaging illustrations incorporate heaps of details for readers to explore. Don’t miss what our main character’s dog is doing in each scene and look for hints about which animal will steal the next fig.
  • A celebration of the outdoors and the wonders in our own backyard–literally and metaphorically.

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