SLR Teacher Resource Pack – Complete Set [Books 1-3]

  • S. Bultitude * G. Cassarchis * A. de Haan * J. Wright
  • Titan Education
  • 1/5/2011
  • ISBN: 9781921349751

RRP: $175.00 (Inc. GST)


This resource covers all fifteen modules of the SLR syllabus. It is split into three books with each book featuring worksheets, practical activities, ICT tasks, literacy tasks and case studies. Book 1 modules include: Aquatics, Athletics, Dance, First aid and sports injuries, Fitness. Book 2 modules include: Games and sports applications I, Games and sports applications II, Gymnastics, Healthy lifestyle, Individual games and sports applications. Book 3 modules include: Outdoor recreation, Resistance training, Social perspectives of games and sports, Sports administration, Sports coaching and training

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