Samurai Kids: 2 – Owl Ninja

  • Sandy Fussell
  • Walker Books
  • 1/10/2008
  • ISBN: 97819211503713

RRP: $15.99 (Inc. GST)


The second instalment in a unique series set in Feudal Japan about a special group of kids training in the ways of the samurai. Across the valley, a drum beat echoes. For ten days, this drum will call the mountain ryus to war, ending fifty years of peace. Only the Emperor can stop this from happening so the samurai kids travel west to the Emperor’s castle to prevent their friends from becoming enemies. But the last time the Emperor saw Sensei, he threatened to cut off his head! All seems hopeless until they meet the Owl Ninja clan. But can samurai and ninja bury their differences and work together to protect their sensei and stop the battle? Following on from The White Crane comes this exciting sequel, with more adventures to come! An historically accurate depiction of Feudal Japan. Unique series celebrating difference, friendship and loyalty.

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