Penguin Classics: John Keats – The Complete Poems

  • John Keats, Edited by John Barnard
  • Penguin
  • 27/1/1977
  • ISBN: 9780140422108

RRP: $27.99 (Inc. GST)


Covering the entire output of an archetypal – and tragically short-lived – romantic genius, the Penguin Classics edition of The Complete Poems of John Keats is edited with an introduction and notes by John Barnard.Keats’s first volume of poems, published in 1817, demonstrated both his belief in the consummate power of poetry and his liberal views. While he was criticized by many for his politics, his immediate circle of friends and family immediately recognized his genius. In his short life he proved to be one of the greatest and most original thinkers of the second generation of Romantic poets, with such poems as ‘Ode to a Nightingale’, ‘Bright Star,’ ‘The Eve of St Agnes’ and ‘La Belle Dame sans Merci’. While his writing is illuminated by his exaltation of the imagination and abounds with sensuous descriptions of nature’s beauty, it also explores profound philosophical questions.John Barnard’s acclaimed volume contains all the poems known to have been written by Keats, arranged by date of composition.

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