NSW HSC English Advanced Modules: A Workbook for Senior Students [Print Only]

  • Shelley McNamara
  • Qwiller
  • 2020
  • ISBN: 9780994166388

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HSC English Advanced Modules is a practical hybrid writing and study guide designed to prepare students for HSC English Advanced Paper 2 – Modules. Effective writing strategies for creative and analytical writing and modelled responses written to syllabus requirements are included to help students develop their understanding of the prescribed texts and comprehensively write responses for each module in the HSC English Advanced Examination, Paper 2. This book includes material on: syllabus requirements for each module, understanding Module A: Textual Conversations and Module B: Critical Study of Literature, analysis of language forms and features in all prescribed texts for Module A & Module B, how writers use language creatively in the short prescribed texts for Module C, analytical writing strategies and modelled responses, craft of writing strategies and modelled responses, sample Paper 2 exam and marking criteria. Through using this book students will gain a thorough understanding of how texts communicate key ideas and concepts relevant to the Advanced Modules through language forms and features and key ideas and concepts. Using this book allows students to:work independently or with the guidance of a teacher while directed by syllabus-based modelled responses, develop their analytical and critical writing skills for Module A & Module B, explore the effects of different social, cultural and historical contexts on meaning, analyse the value of the text(s) in different contexts, develop their imaginative, discursive and persuasive writing skills for Module C, reflect on their own process of writing creatively, develop knowledge of and skills in writing about their prescribed texts, develop skills in connecting key concepts in their prescribed texts for school-based assessment as well as the HSC examination.

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