Katzensprung: 1 [Teacher’s Resource and Assessment Kit]

  • Frauke Hoffmann and Pauline Rogan
  • Heinemann
  • 1/9/2003
  • ISBN: 9781740850032

RRP: $258.95 (Inc. GST)


The Teacher’s Resource and Assessment Kit provides a wealth of photocopiable material. Each chapter contains: assessment tasks in grammar and vocabulary, speaking, listening, reading and writing; detailed teacher notes; a sequencing checklist; scripts for Katzensprung 1 Workbook listening comprehension activities; solutions to the Katzensprung 1 Workbook activities; any worksheets needed for activities in the Katzensprung 1 Textbook. The Teacher’s Resource and Assessment Kit also contains: guidelines and suggestions for using the Katzensprung course; tips on assessment and on using the target language in the classroom; maps, glossaries and other resource material. The Katzensprung 1 Teacher’s Resource and Assessment Kit Audio CD included in this kit, contains the recordings for the listening assessment tasks.

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