Into English: Mastering the Craft of Writing (Standard & Advanced Module C)

  • Emily Bosco and Anthony Bosco
  • Into English
  • 11/7/1905
  • ISBN: 9781925771251

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Mastering the Craft of Writing Student Book aims to improve students’ knowledge of writing as a craft in order to develop their skills as writers of fiction and nonfiction pieces. It has been designed to fulfil the requirements of the NSW Stage English Year 12 Module C: The Craft of Writing. This student book asks students to consider the idea of writing as a craft and the reasons why it is important to think about the skills set that writers need to expand in order to improve the quality of their writing. From here, students explore how writers use different language devices, textual features, form, and style to influence the way readers respond to their writing. Students are then given the opportunity to practice using these same aspects of form in their own compositions. Included in this book is a selection of 14 prescribed texts from the Year 12 Module C course. This selection of texts has been divided into the Standard and Advanced courses to make locating the relevant focus texts simple. The activities for each text have been designed to demonstrate how these texts can be used as both models for students to emulate in their writing, and stimulus for their writing. At the end of each prescribed text study is a practice exam-style question. Each exam-style question has been fully deconstructed to help students become familiar with the types of questions they may be asked in this section of the exam and how to best approach each question. Students are also provided with detailed guidance for writing in imaginative, persuasive, discursive, and reflective styles.

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