Into English: Heroes through the Ages – Student Book

  • Emily Bosco, Anthony Bosco
  • Into English
  • 9/7/1905
  • ISBN: 9781925130966

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For Year 11 Common Module: Reading to Write – Transition to Senior English. Heroes through the Ages introduces students to influential heroic figures from literature, history, society, and culture, along with the mythology that surrounds them, and the theoretical paradigms that seek to explain how we can read and write the hero’s journey. The study incorporates a variety of classic and contemporary texts including: ‘Oedipus Rex’, ‘Romulus and Remus’, ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’, ‘Sohrab and Rustum’, ‘Goblin Market’, ‘The Man from Snowy River’, Louisa Lawson’s ‘Speech to the Dawn Club’, a variety of media texts related the the Aboriginal Australian, Truganini. As a complete, stand-alone unit of work, this student book is a highly valuable resources for students and teachers of the NSW Stage 6 English Year 11 Common Module – Reading to Write: Transition to Senior English. It includes: A variety of engaging classroom activities to develop skills in comprehension, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of texts, Prose fiction, poetry, nonfiction, media and digital texts, Texts regarded as quality literature, a range of Australian texts, and texts that provide insights into the experiences of Aboriginal Australians, Texts that represent a variety of cultural, social, and gender perspectives, Access to the full text of literary works covered throughout the study.

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