Integrated Computing: A Project-based Approach [NelsonNet Only]

  • ISBN: 9780170442848
  • Published: ETA 2022 – Delayed due to Syllabus changes
  • Audience: Secondary
  • Age- Year: Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10
  • Stages: 4 and 5 Integrated Computing
  • Publisher: Cengage Learning
  • Author: David Grover, Leonore Carr and Eamon Gormley
  • RRP: $41.95
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Includes four new introductory chapters covering project management skills, thinking skills and each of the two streams. Fully updated to comprehensively address the new focus areas of the NESA Integrated Computing Years 7-10 syllabus. Provides a wealth of content and scaffolding to support a project-based approach, introducing a range of authentic problems for students to solve. Explicitly addresses the coputational, design and systems thinking skills. Student-focused with engaging content, including new and emerging technologies and evolving practices in the industry.

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