Highway of Lost Hearts [The Play]

  • Mary Anne Butler
  • Currency Press
  • 1/4/2014
  • ISBN: 9781925005080

RRP: $23.99 (Inc. GST)


A woman. A dog. A campervan. And 4,500klm of wide open road. Mot wakes up one morning to find that her heart is missing from her chest. She can breathe; she has a pulse—but she feels… nothing. So, she decides to go and look for it. With her Dog enlisted as co-pilot, Mot heads down the Highway of Lost Hearts: into the deepest core of the Australian outback—navigating red dirt landscapes, fire and flood, brittle dry-ness, vast salt lakes, age-old mountains and murky waters filled with lost souls. An allegory for a country that’s lost its heart, Highway of Lost Hearts is half gritty road journey, half magic realism and all heart. It leaves you pondering the question: when your heart goes missing, what lengths will you go to, in order to find it again?

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