Harry Helps Grandpa Remember

  • Karen Tyrrell, Aaron Pocock (Illustrator)
  • Digital Future Press
  • 20/6/2015
  • ISBN: 9780987274083

RRP: $31.99 (Inc. GST)


A heart-warming story about how Harry Hope helps Grandpa remember using memory boosting skills. Harry and Grandpa love playing hide -and-seek together. Over time Grandpa becomes grumpy and forgetful, refusing to play games with Harry anymore. On Grand-parent’s Day, Grandpa becomes confused and lost. He couldn’t even remember Harry’s name. Then Harry discovers clever ways to boost Grandpa’s memory. How does Harry help Grandpa remember? Endearingly told and full of hope, compassion and humour, ‘Harry’ provides a gentle introduction for children to the realities of Dementia and Alzheimer’s. Harry” raises awareness of dementia

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