Blue Noise

  • Debra Oswald
  • Random House
  • 1/9/2009
  • ISBN: 9781741663754

RRP: $21.99 (Inc. GST)


Ash is drooling over his favourite guitar – the one he can’t afford – when he meets Charlie Novak. One jam session later and Charlie convinces Ash to play in his band. But it’ll never work. Bands never do. Erin is wandering down a corridor at school – overthinking things as usual – when she runs into Charlie. Literally. The guy is a fruit loop with his weird hair and hyperactive rantings. When Charlie invites her to be the band’s keyboard player, Erin can’t get a word in to say no. She’s a classical pianist. It’ll never work. But maybe this time things will be different. Maybe blues music is just what Ash and Erin need.”

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