ATARNotes: Mathematics Extension 1 – Complete Course Notes NSW Year 12 [2020-2022]

  • Gerald Huang
  • Instudent Publishing
  • 1/6/2019
  • ISBN: 9781925945614

RRP: $29.00 (Inc. GST)


This book covers every topic in Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 for the new syllabus. If you need help understanding and excelling in this subject, look no further than these HSC Year 12 Mathematics Extension 1 Notes!

There’s a concise summary of the prerequisite knowledge from the Preliminary course. And there are clear explanations of harder Mathematics 2U content. Each chapter contains detailed breakdowns of key formulae and the best strategies for approaching different types of questions. What’s more, it’s all broken down for you by a past high-achieving student! Nowhere else will you find so many helpful tips for Extension 1 success!

The author, Gerald, graduated in 2017 achieving top band results in both of his Maths subjects, including Mathematics Extension 1. He has also contributed extensively to the ATAR Notes forums, helping hundreds of Maths students by answering questions and writing valuable resources. Gerald has since gone on to pursue a Bachelor of Science at UNSW, majoring in Computer Science.

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