A Brumby Story: Dancing Brumby

  • Elyne Mitchell
  • HarperCollins
  • 21/9/1995
  • ISBN: 9780207189173

RRP: $14.95 (Inc. GST)


Choopa is a dancer. When he hears the music of the waltz streaming into the cold night air of the high mountains, he dances. Far below, a child’s voice called: ‘there’s a tiny horse dancing on the pass.’ the music grew louder again, and Choopa’s blue and white legs and body waltzed above the Snowy River. And so the stories begin of the little blue roan foal with the strange, misshapen legs, who dances like an angel. Dandaloo fears for her little foal’s safety, and with Son of Storm, Wingilla and Bri Bri, leads him up into the highest mountains, away from the threat of man. But one man, a man who trained Lippizaner horses at the Spanish riding school, will not give up his search for this unique foal who weaves a spell around all who see him dance.

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