101 Monologues for Middle Grades: Including Duologues and Triologues

  • Rebecca Young
  • Christine Publishers Inc
  • 1/10/2008
  • ISBN: 9781566081559

RRP: $37.99 (Inc. GST)


Middle school performers are often reluctant to jump up in front of their peers and start performing. That’s why having the perfect material for them is a must! Rebecca Young knows how middle schoolers think and act — and what they like to talk about! This book was written specifically for middle school performers — about topics they can relate to in a language style they understand. A wide variety of topics to fit any student’s personality allows young actors to choose from either humorous or dramatic selections. The duologues and triologues should not be confused with scenes for two or three actors. Instead, they consist of a pair or trio of monologues on the same topic, but from different perspectives! These monologues, duologues, and triologues may be used for auditions, classroom assignments, or discussion starters. Many of the monologues are adaptable for guys or girls, making this book even more valuable as a resource!

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